Why Your Paving Contractor in Middlesex County, MA Likes Asphalt Reclaiming

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Asphalt reclaiming involves reheating asphalt so it can be reduced to basic form and reused for a new project. Unlike asphalt recycling, there is no need to add additional ingredients, which can increase the expense or change the composition of the material. It is an important technique employed by your paving contractor in Middlesex County, MA because it can save you money as it patches and repaves your roads. Here are the advantages of asphalt reclaiming:

  • Good use of resources: Even at the end of its initial service life, asphalt still has value. There are 2.2 million miles of paved roads in the U.S., and 93 percent of them have asphalt surfaces. With this high demand, reusing asphalt is a high priority, and that has made asphalt one of the most recycled and reused construction materials. When you employ asphalt reclaiming, you join this trend and assure that less waste ends up in the landfill.
  • Reduced project expenses: Liquid asphalt cement, which is required for every paving project, can cost over $600 a ton. It is the most expensive material in the mix, and if you have a large parking lot or miles of road to repave, this could result in higher project expenses. Even reducing the amount of “fresh” liquid asphalt cement by one percent decreases costs by a noticeable amount. This is true even after adding in labor costs for the reclamation process. In fact, fewer people are needed for asphalt reclaiming than in projects requiring conventional paving. That process is mainly automated, and workers must merely supervise the machinery to assure it works well.
  • Performance meets or exceeds expectations: You will not be disappointed if you opt for reclaimed asphalt over a new mix. In many cases, it performs better than its new material counterpart, while offering few differences in appearance. State highway departments often find they do not need to resurface as frequently, and roads stand up better to winter weather elements. If you add reclaimed asphalt to your parking lots and private roads, you are unlikely to be disappointed by the results—especially if you do not have to consider repaving again for a long time.
  • Can be finished on site: The equipment for reclaiming asphalt arrives on site and finishes the job there. Once that process is complete, paving begins. There is no time or money lost through loading and hauling. Machinery for reclamation can handle large and small pieces alike, and there are rarely instances when material mixing must move to off site facilities. All devices are very mobile, which adds to the popularity of asphalt reclaiming.

If you want a quality paving job completed quickly and without excess expense, ask about asphalt reclaiming. You will enjoy the look, feel and durability of your road and parking surfaces after asphalt reclaiming. Plus, with lower material and labor costs, you will save money.

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