Why You Should Always Fix Cracks in the Driveway

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Driveways don’t repair themselves, and those cracks in your driveway are going to get worse if you don’t fix it. Below is a list of reasons why you should always fix the cracks in your driveway immediately and the benefits of doing so!

Weatherproofing Your Driveway

Fixing the cracks in your driveway protects your asphalt from the elements, weatherproofing your driveway. Asphalt does weather like everything else that remains exposed to the elements. Asphalt also oxidizes when exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, which makes it more brittle and even more cracks start to form. Oxidation attracts water as well, which quickens its deterioration. Filling in your asphalt driveway protects it from sunlight, oxidation, and weathering.

Repairs Small Cracks Before They Get Worse

Smaller cracks get bigger and eventually become potholes, which are far harder to fix than the small break that formed first. Chances are there are already very fine lines or cracks in your driveway that you can’t necessarily see. It’s essential to fix them before they get even worse. Repairing your driveway is much like fixing a chipped windshield before it becomes a giant crack. And like your windshield, big cracks are a whole different problem. 

Prevents Moisture From Seeping to the Base 

Untreated cracks allow rainwater and other material to seep into the base of your driveway, which causes soft spots, holes, and unevenness. Your driveway is a considerable slab of asphalt that has to support the weight of one or more vehicles. Having weak spots and an uneven base is going to make infinitely more likely to crack under the pressure of your cars. 

Makes Your Driveway Look New

Filling in the cracks of your driveway is not only for practical purposes, but it also makes your driveway look newer as well. Smooth, paved driveways look better than a driveway with cracks all over it. The rough surface is made smooth, and any minor cracks or scratches are sealed up, making it look way nicer than before. The improvement to the looks of your driveway alone is reason enough to seal the cracks in your driveway. 

Improves Resale Value

Add up all of these benefits, and you get another bonus: added resale value. If your house is on the market, or you’re planning on putting it on the market soon, buyers will see that you’ve taken the time to care about your house and how it looks. With sealed cracks and an overall fresh look, the buyers will know the driveway they’ll be using is protected for future use. 

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