Why Choose Asphalt Vs. Concrete

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Having a new driveway or parking lot put in means you have a big decision to make: Asphalt or concrete? Each material comes with several pros and cons, of course, but asphalt has widely become the favorite material for these types of projects. And it’s not just commercial areas – asphalt is quickly outpacing concrete for residential driveways, too. There are many advantages to asphalt; Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to consider using asphalt instead of concrete for your next project. 

It Has an Ideal Texture

You may never have considered that the actual texture of your paving matters, but it makes a massive difference in how the material reacts with the environment. To make asphalt, an aggregate is used, which gives it a bumpy surface. This texture improves driving safety since the increased traction reduces slipping and sliding. This makes asphalt a perfect choice if you live in an area with a lot of precipitation.

The bumpy surface of asphalt also means that there is less of a risk of standing water, an issue that can cause concrete to split or crack. Asphalt also has much more space to contract and expand with heat without breaking or cracking.

Color Matters

Asphalt is typically much darker than generic concrete and is usually duller looking (thanks to that bumpy texture we mentioned). This means that glare from the road, even when wet, is reduced. The dark color also provides an excellent background for yellow and white markings, which stand out much more against black than the softer gray of concrete. And finally, the dark color is useful in northern areas with regular snowfall since it helps absorb the sun’s rays and melt snow and ice faster.

It’s Softer

Asphalt is a great paving material for residential areas, including driveways, because of its more absorbent qualities. As a very porous material, it absorbs vibrations from sound and movement. This reduces the amount of noise from heavy traffic as well as ambient noise. And since the asphalt also absorbs vibrations from movement, it will last much longer than concrete as it resists wear and tear from daily driving. Instead of resisting the pressure of your vehicle’s weight and tires, asphalt gives way and flexes slightly. Additionally, a softer asphalt driveway is safer for kids to play on. If they fall, the asphalt will be less damaging than the inflexible concrete.

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