Why Asphalt Paving Should be Done in Warm Weather

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Harsh snow and ice can cause holes in asphalt and pavement, and it can be tempting to try and repair these on dry, warmer days during the winter. While not all repairs can wait until warm weather, especially if they are severe, it is truly better for your project to wait until spring, if possible. Here are some reasons why:

Hot Asphalt Is More Pliable

Hot asphalt is more workable, and therefore can be shaped better to fit the road, or to fill any repairs. Asphalt must also be a certain temperature to compact correctly, so it is important that the environmental temperature be appropriate – at least 40 degrees, depending on the region. It is also important to consider the asphalt temperature of what is already on the ground. If the existing asphalt is already too cold, it may cool the new asphalt too quickly and form weak seams.

Wet Conditions Weaken Asphalt

You already probably know that you can’t pave during the rain. But if a sudden snowstorm comes on after you’ve already started, the work you’ve done will be ruined. While unexpected weather can occur in any season, winter is an especially common time for random precipitation.

If snow flurries ruin the asphalt you’ve already tried to lay, then you have just wasted time and money. It is much better to wait until you can be more confident that the repairs you are doing will last.

Hot Asphalt Forms Stronger Seams

Hot asphalt also forms stronger seams. If it is too cool, it will lead to more weak spots, and therefore more holes and more repairs down the line. This will end up costing significantly more money than if you had just waited until warmer weather to pave.

If you know you’ll need asphalt repairs next spring, now is the time to schedule a service with our asphalt paving company! Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving is ready to start scheduling asphalt installation for the warmer days of spring. Waiting until spring will truly save you time and money on asphalt repairs. Getting your appointment scheduled early will mean your repairs are done as soon as the weather allows! If you wait until spring, there will likely be a waiting list for your project. Give us a call at 978-664-1529 or fill out an online form to request a quote today!

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