Why Asphalt Driveways Are Better Than Concrete

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Paving your driveway is an excellent choice, whether you have an older home with a gravel driveway or you are finishing up new construction on a residential or office building. Regardless of when or why you are planning to hire a paving contractor in Middlesex County, MA, you will have to decide what kind of pavement you want, and your two primary choices are concrete and asphalt. It’s important that you take the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options into account before making a decision to ensure that you get the best outcomes for your home or business:

  • The paving process: One of the things you have to take into account when you are thinking about laying down pavement is the paving process itself. With asphalt, you can begin using your driveway within just a couple days of having it paved, as long as the weather is relatively warm and dry. Concrete, however, can take up to two weeks to set, which means that your driveway will be completely out of commission for the duration.
  • Durability: Even a minor mistake with concrete mixing or installation can result in surface flaking. This flaking can weaken your pavement overall and detract from the appearance of your driveway. Asphalt isn’t prone to surface flaking, and small cracks that develop can be patched relatively easily and quickly.
  • Cost: When it comes to affordability, asphalt wins out over concrete. Installing concrete pavement tends to be much more expensive—often more than twice as much as asphalt. Concrete becomes even more expensive if you want special add-ons like a specific texture or a unique stain color.
  • Appearance: Although aesthetics usually boils down to personal preference, most people prefer the appearance of asphalt over that of concrete. Asphalt has a sleek appearance that is dark and resembles a standard road or street. With asphalt, there isn’t much in the way of customization, but many people like the smooth aesthetic of the material. With concrete, you can select different textures and designs, which allows you to be more expressive with your pavement.
  • Maintenance: With concrete, there isn’t a whole lot of ongoing maintenance that has to be done. Other than hosing down your concrete or degreasing it on occasion, you don’t have to perform any other major maintenance. With asphalt, you will need to have it resealed every five years or so.

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