What to do if Your Asphalt Paving is Cracking

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Cracking asphalt paving requires urgent repairs to prevent the crack from getting worse. When your asphalt paving is breaking, you have to take action not only to fix the problem short term but to find a long-term solution. We’ve provided some tips below you can use to deal with cracking asphalt paving.

Find the Root of the Problem


Once you notice the slightest cracking on your pavement, take a closer look to find out the origin of the crack. Sometimes this is a natural step to do, most times it isn’t. It requires some time (approximately less than an hour) and due diligence to find out the origin of the cracking, but any homeowner or commercial business owner can do this. One way to accomplish this is to trace the cracking line to get a rough idea of where the problem originated. It may be helpful to get down on your hands and knees to take a closer look, so having some knee pads handy may be helpful. 

Repair the Affected Areas


After you have identified the root of the problem, examine the sight to figure out if it is something you can repair or not. Contacting a professional is the best choice here if you have no experience with working with asphalt. Although some of the repairs may be minor, you may actually cause further damage if it’s done incorrectly. It’s always best to hire your local asphalt contractor to get the job done right. 

Remove Affected Areas (if Needed)


Short-term repairs can solve some small problems and prevent the crack from escalating. However, in some cases, such short-term fixes cannot solve the problem. If your pavement is beyond repair, it’ll require the removal of the affected area and replacement with new pavement.

Replace the Entire Surface


This repair plan is for extreme cases where the damage is so bad that both the patching and removal and replacement method fails to arrest the situation. In this case, you’ll certainly need some help from a professional asphalt contractor. This should not be done as a DIY project. Save yourself the time and potential errors, and give Cooper Bros a call!

Contact Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving

Don’t allow cracks to eat up your asphalt pavement. Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving is just a call away, and has the expertise and proper equipment to deal with the cracks properly. Contact us today for long-lasting asphalt paving repairs. We provide both commercial and residential asphalt paving services  in the Middlesex County. Give us a call at 978-664-1529 to request a custom quote! 

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