Tips to Maintain Your Asphalt in the Winter

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White snow covering the ground makes winter the most magical time of the year. But while you may enjoy the view of the snow, your asphalt driveway certainly doesn’t! Winter can take a serious toll on your driveway. Frigid temperatures combined with snow, sleet and ice lead to big problems down the road that require extensive repairs from a paving company in Middlesex County, MA. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to maintain your asphalt this winter:

  • Have it resurfaced now: Calling a paving company in Middlesex County, MA to resurface your asphalt is the best way to avoid issues with your asphalt this winter. A paving company can lay down a brand-new layer of asphalt without any flaws that’ll be made worse by freezing temperatures and winter weather. Having your asphalt resurfaced can cost a pretty penny, but resurfacing now can save you a bigger and more expensive hassle down the road.
  • Make repairs: If you can’t afford to have your asphalt driveway resurfaced right now, you’ll want to at least call a professional to make repairs. A professional can patch up the cracks that have already formed in your driveway, which ensures they won’t get worse this winter. Keep in mind that these small repairs are just temporary bandages—you’ll eventually need to have your driveway resurfaced.
  • Remove snow as soon as possible: Shoveling your driveway is a pain, but you’ve got to do it as quickly as possible if you want your asphalt to last for the coming years. The longer snow and ice sit on your asphalt, the greater the chance the water melts into cracks in the pavement. The water that seeps into your asphalt will eventually refreeze and then thaw again, creating larger cracks. After a while, you’ll need to call a paving company in Middlesex County, MA to patch up these cracks or resurface your driveway.
  • Don’t park heavy machinery on your pavement: If you own a parking lot and have had it plowed by professionals, don’t let them park their plows on your pavement! The longer heavy equipment sits on asphalt, the faster potholes will form. The ground beneath the machinery will slowly crumble and you’ll be left with a big mess on your hands come spring.
  • Avoid using salt: Finally, if you want your asphalt to last through this winter and many more, you’ll want to avoid throwing salt or other de-icing agents on your driveway. Even though salt melts snow and helps avoid slips and falls, it can cause just as much harm as it does good. Salt erodes your asphalt and allows more water to slip through the cracks in your driveway. In addition, salt isn’t good for the environment or our groundwater. If you have to lay salt down, shovel off the excess so it doesn’t just sit on your pavement and eat away at your asphalt.

Follow the tips above and your asphalt driveway is sure to stand the test of time. If you think it’s time to have your driveway resurfaced or repaired, be sure to give Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving Inc. a call. Our professionals can tackle jobs of any size!

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