Tips for Maintaining Your Driveway from Your Expert Asphalt Contractor in Middlesex County, MA

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It leads you safely in and out of your garage. It requires snow shoveling in winter. This may be all the thought you give to your driveway. To keep it properly maintained, you’ll want to give it a little more attention than that. Consider the following tips from your asphalt contractor in Middlesex County, MA. This regular maintenance will help keep your driveway in optimal condition and extend its lifespan:

  • Seal it: Seal your driveway regularly to prevent cracks. Concrete driveways should be sealed every year, and asphalt driveways require sealing every few years. This keeps the surface protected from water penetration, which causes cracks to form when the water freezes and expands inside the driveway.
  • Fill it: Between sealcoats, if cracks appear, repair them right away. Use crack filler or patching compound. Once you’ve repaired cracks, seal the driveway. Maintaining a smooth surface will prevent cracks from spreading and also provide an inviting drive for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Shovel it: During winter weather, it’s tempting to throw salt or deicer on your drive to clear a path. If your drive is made of cement, don’t do it. The chemicals can cause cracks. Instead, use a shovel or snow blower to remove snow. For ice, try sand, kitty litter or coffee grounds to make slippery surfaces safer. If you want to melt the ice, try applying beet juice, which lowers the melting point of ice.
  • Clean it: Did you know unsightly stains may do more than make your driveway less attractive? Motor oil and other car fluids can penetrate beneath the surface and soften the materials. To protect your driveway, remove these stains. For fresh stains, use non-clumping kitty litter and grease-cutting dishwashing detergent. If you discover an older stain, use grease-cutting, biodegradable cleaners. To avoid damaging the surface, use a regular scrub brush rather than a wire brush.
  • Uphold it: Keep your vehicles off the edges of the driveway. These surfaces are vulnerable to chipping if they experience heavy weight loads. Be particularly careful if heavy trucks, such as construction vehicles, will be parking in your driveway. These precautions will help prevent damage and unnecessary wear and tear on your driveway.
  • Protect it: You probably won’t make it through the winter without clearing at least one major snowfall off your driveway. If you use a snow plow, make sure the blade doesn’t scrape the driveway surface. If you shovel, choose a plastic shovel and remove a few inches at a time to protect the surface from catching and scratching.

Contact the Pros to Handle It

If you would like more information about proper driveway maintenance or are in need of repairs, contact an expert asphalt contractor in Middlesex County, MA. At Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving Inc., we offer in-depth knowledge of asphalt and concrete driveways to answer all your questions and provide detailed service. Whether you need minor crack repairs or major overhauls, our experienced team is ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to keep your driveway properly maintained.

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