Preparing Your Asphalt Parking Lot for Spring: Repairs & Maintenance

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Winter is about halfway over and you know what that means – spring is just around the corner! As the snow melts away, you may be surprised to see the condition of your asphalt parking lot. The wear and tear of the cold weather can exacerbate potholes, cracks, and the general condition of the asphalt. Keep reading to learn about how to best prepare your asphalt parking lot for the spring. 

Asphalt Parking Lot Spring Preparation: Repairs & Maintenance

To prepare your asphalt parking lot for spring, you should consider undertaking the following repairs and maintenance:

  • Pothole/Crack Repair
  • Line Striping
  • Sealcoating

Pothole/Crack Repair

After exposure to snow and ice, it is quite common for potholes and small cracks to grow larger. Even without snow and ice, it is easy for the potholes and cracks to grow larger. If you want to increase the lifespan of your asphalt lot, it is recommended to repair winter damage before it worsens in the spring and summer. Doing so can help you avoid full parking lot replacement, as you are addressing the issue when it is small rather than letting it exacerbate to the point of no return. 

Line Striping

Over time, the line striping in parking lots will fade. Faded line striping increases the risk of car accidents. Additionally, it can cause the lot owner to lose parking space, as the driver may park further than necessary from other cars since they cannot see the parking spaces marked. Moreover, they may park too close, which can cause small car dings or even accidents. As a commercial lot owner, it is your legal responsibility to ensure safe conditions in the parking lot, for both pedestrians and drivers. Redoing your line striping before the spring starts is a great way to help make your parking lot safe and easy to use. 


Asphalt seal coating creates a protective layer on your parking lot to shield it from UV rays, rain, and car fluids, and prevent potholes and cracks. While this isn’t a repair, it is a preventative treatment that can help ensure your parking lot quality for years to come. For optimal performance, first, repair all of the potholes and cracks, then administer your parking lot seal coating. 

These three repairs and maintenance ideas can help prepare your asphalt parking lot for the spring and upcoming year. Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving provides superior asphalt repair and maintenance services for commercial parking lots in the Middlesex County area! We serve North Reading, Andover, Woburn, Burlington, and beyond. If you’re looking to find a contractor for commercial asphalt repairs and/or maintenance, Cooper Bros is here to help! Fill out an online form or give us a call at (978) 664-1529

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