Preparing for Asphalt Crack Filling

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If you’ve noticed cracks in your asphalt, some preparations must be made prior to fixing them. Although many companies may do the prep work for you, it is important to be sure of what is included in their paving services. If you plan to do the preparation on your own, there are four main tasks that must be completed prior to filling.

Check the Weather

Filling asphalt cracks without checking the weather could be a big mistake. If it were to rain within a few days of filling cracks, your filler could become damaged before it can dry. Ensure that there is no rain in the forecast for a few days and that the temperature is warm. These conditions ensure the best results from filling asphalt cracks.

Clear Out Cracks

Various kinds of debris can find their way into driveway cracks.

  • Weeds
  • Loose rocks
  • Sticks
  • Leaves
  • Loose dirt
  • Litter

By clearing the asphalt cracks of any debris, you can ensure that the filler can adhere properly. Pull out weeds by the root and pour vinegar in the cracks to kill what’s left behind. Use a wire brush and chisel to remove any loose rocks, dirt, dust, and other items. The use of a blower can also help to remove any lingering debris from the cracks.

Dry the Surface

A wet surface is not suitable for crack filler. If there has been any rain in the last several days or a water hose has sprayed over your asphalt, it is important to ensure that the cracks are dry. This is why the use of pressure washers to clear out cracks is not recommended. Pressure washers force water into the asphalt, which means water could still seep out days after. If you need your asphalt to dry quickly, the use of an air compressor can assist in speeding up the process. Some homeowners even use a hairdryer on cracks to ensure it is completely dry.

Double Check Crack Sizes

Cracks can be a variety of sizes and it is important to know what size cracks you have. Although a professional can determine the best course of action in fixing cracks of all sizes, this step is especially important if you are doing the crack filling yourself. For example, cracks that are wider than a half-inch require a different kind of repair than those that are smaller. Measure your cracks to make sure that they are small enough for you to repair on your own.

Contact Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving

Filling your asphalt cracks can be done properly with the necessary preparation. Should you skip a step in the prep work, it could mean the failure of the crack repair. If you are worried about the success of your project, Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving is the expert asphalt paving contractor and is able to offer professional services. Having an experienced paving contractor do the job will ensure the project goes smoothly, and avoid any costly or timely mistakes. Contact us today to request a custom quote!

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