Patching Pot Holes in Your Parking Lot

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Potholes – that dreaded thing that every driver tries to avoid. Sometimes, parking lots become so filled with potholes that avoiding them seems almost impossible. Potholes can cause severe damage to cars and their tires, as well as increase the risk of an accident when people swerve to avoid them. If your parking lot is filled with potholes, it’s time to get them filled! 

Risks of Not Patching

Leaving pot holes unpatched can cause a variety of issues, including the accidents and damages mentioned above. If someone is in an accident or their car gets damaged because of a pothole in your parking lot, you may be held liable. Repairing potholes can help prevent the need for totally repaving the parking lot. When potholes are left unfilled, they will get bigger over time. The bigger the pothole and the more there are, the higher your risk and cost liability for damages! 

The Patching Process

The patching process begins by identifying the areas that need repair. It’s best to repair all potholes at one time, but if you’re on a tight budget, the worst ones should be addressed first. Next, the pavement around the pothole is cut into a square and removed from the area. Finally, asphalt is poured to fill the square and the space where the pothole used to be. The edges are sealed to help them bond with the existing pavement, the area will be left to dry, and then it’s ready to be driven over! You and anyone using your parking lot will appreciate the smooth and safe ride once potholes have been filled. 

How We Can Help

Our team is experienced in pothole filling and paving. We can help you to identify the problem areas and take the necessary steps to fix them. In severe cases, asphalt milling and repaving on the entire are may be needed. Repairing potholes before they get to that point is much cheaper and more convenient. 

If you have a parking lot in need of repair, give Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving a call today! We’ll be happy to explain the process further, discuss our pricing options, and set up a time to come evaluate the current state of the parking lot. No job is too big or too small when it comes to pavement repair, so we’re ready to help either way! 

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