Is Sealcoating Service in Middlesex County, MA Worth the Investment?

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Whether you’re a business owner with a large asphalt parking lot or you’re a homeowner with a small paved driveway, it’s never a good idea to neglect maintenance of your asphalt pavement. You can keep your asphalt in good condition by doing things like minimizing the amount of weight that is left on it for long periods of time and patching damaged portions when it’s necessary.

Unfortunately, even the most well cared for driveways and parking lots are susceptible to damage and wear as time goes by. While you might not be able to entirely avoid issues with your asphalt, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your pavement is protected. Sealcoating service in Middlesex County, MA can make a big difference in the condition, durability and longevity of your pavement:

  • Reduced damage: When small cracks appear in your asphalt, it can benefit greatly from sealcoating. Sealcoating service in Middlesex County, MA can help fill in those little cracks and prevent them from becoming larger or affecting the foundation of your driveway.
  • Slowed oxidation: One of the main contributors to cracks in pavement is the process of oxidation. Oxidation causes asphalt to lose its rigidity, which can make it far more susceptible to moisture damage and will lead to an erosion of the top layer of pavement over time. Sealcoating creates a protective barrier and increases resistance to UV damage, which is a major contributor to oxidation.
  • Improved appearance: The most noticeable difference that sealcoating makes in a driveway or parking lot is in the visual realm. Sealcoating makes your asphalt appear darker, which is a more appealing look. It can also make lines and road markings stand out more. Appearance is also important when it comes to listing your property. If your driveway is in poor condition, potential homebuyers will likely take note. A sealcoated asphalt driveway has greater curb appeal.
  • Surface protection: Sealcoating fills in cracks and blemishes in the surface of asphalt, which creates a protective barrier between your pavement and the elements. It reduces the harmful effects of sun exposure, and it also acts as a seal against the oil and chemicals that your pavement might come into contact with. In addition, it prevents excessive amounts of moisture from seeping into your asphalt. This is important since cycles of freezing and thawing of the moisture in your pavement can lead to cracking.

Laying down asphalt can be a costly and time-consuming process. Protect your investment with sealcoating service in Middlesex County, MA to keep your pavement in excellent condition for years to come. At Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving Inc., we understand how important it is to keep your pavement in great condition, which is why we have been providing high quality asphalt services to our customers for 45 years. We are committed to providing the best service possible to commercial and residential customers alike, and we would be happy to work with you. If you’d like to know more about what we do, simply give our team a call today.

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