Is an Unpaved Road Dangerous to Drive On?

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As a paving company in Middlesex County, MA, we are often asked whether or not it is safe to drive on unpaved roads. The answer to that really depends on a few factors.

When it comes to a country road, it’s not that uncommon to see gravel or even bad concrete. This is okay in these cases, because these roads are not heavily trafficked, and people going down them can take their time without holding everyone up behind them. However, if you are in a big city or a suburb, a poorly paved road can be extremely dangerous. Here’s why:

  • People have to slow down: On a poorly paved road, you can’t go the speed limit. The speed limit is a part of our city-planning strategy to keep traffic down and commute times as low as possible. When people are having to slow down all of a sudden, this can cause traffic where there is not normally traffic, and that congestion just gets worse as it builds.
  • Sometimes you can only drive on one lane of a two-lane road: Compounding that problem, it’s very common, when a road surface is messed up, for one side of the road to be fairly okay and the other side to be unusable. When this happens, people just naturally, of their own accord, begin to drive on the good side of the road, regardless of which way they are going. This is fine in the less trafficked hours at night, but can be an extraordinary headache during the day. Yet another reason the city needs to call a paving company in Middlesex County, MA when their roads get rough.
  • Out-of-towners don’t know what to expect: Another danger is that out-of-towners don’t know what to expect. You can never know if the people driving with you will know the unofficial rules of the road—which side to drive on, when to let people in—and you can end up with an unnecessary traffic jam, or even a fender bender.
  • Debris can cause tires to blow: Poorly paved roads collect debris, and this debris, in addition to potholes, is the most common causes of blown tires. Perhaps this has happened to you before?
  • All problems are compounded in a well-trafficked residential area: These problems are issues in and of themselves. However, they would probably be manageable, as we said, in a small town, but in anyplace that has heavy traffic, a bad or unreliable road surface is going to cause traffic headaches.

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