Important Considerations to Keep in Mind Regarding Asphalt Paving in Middlesex County, MA

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Are you looking into repaving your asphalt driveway or sidewalk this year, or perhaps an entirely new pavement installation? Even if you’re not doing the job yourself, you should still be generally familiar with some important asphalt paving facts before you get it done. Many people, for example, are under the impression that you are able to use the pavement right away after it dries, or that there are no differences between textures and materials, but this is not the case.

With that in mind, here are some important considerations to keep in mind for your upcoming asphalt paving in Middlesex County, MA:

  • Temperature variation matters: Your asphalt will regularly soften and harden with the rising and falling of temperatures. If you want to avoid the asphalt getting too soft on hot summer days, you can water down your driveway with a garden hose to cool it and temporarily harden it. Do not be alarmed if soap suds appear when you do this—this is a result of a chemical reaction between some of the chemicals found in city water and the diesel fuel often used in blacktop. You should try to avoid puddling, though it may be impossible to avoid some small ones depending on the slope of your driveway and the drainage you have in your ground.
  • Let the asphalt cure for a bit before using it: Liquid asphalt found in blacktop needs at least six to 12 months to fully harden and cure, which means your driveway will always be at least somewhat pliable until then. You are allowed to walk on your driveway immediately after it is dry, but you should wait at least three full days (or longer, when temperatures are hot) before driving over it with vehicles. Even after your asphalt has gone through its full curing period, it will never be as hard as concrete simply due to its composition.
  • Materials influence texture and appearance: Your asphalt driveway might look smoother in some areas than others because of its composition. Blacktop uses different sizes of sand, stone, liquid asphalt and various other ingredients, which can cause a bit of a varied appearance in the surface texture.
  • Tools influence texture and appearance: Just as the appearance of the surface of your blacktop can be influenced by the composition of the asphalt and how it’s spread out, the tools you use to spread it can also influence the appearance. If, for example, you spread one area of asphalt out with hand tools and rakes and spread out another area with machinery, you are likely to get different appearances.
  • Make sure to prepare the subgrade: The subgrade is the platform on which your asphalt sits, and it should be properly graded, compacted and treated to prevent the asphalt on top of it from breaking down over time.

These are just a few things to keep in mind before you begin asphalt paving in Middlesex County, MA. For more information, contact our team today at Cooper Bros. Asphalt Paving Inc.

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