How Weather Affects Your Asphalt

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Even though your asphalt driveway or parking lot is durable and built to hold up for many years, the weather can take quite a toll on it over time. It’s not just winter weather that hurts your asphalt. The weather in each season of the year causes different problems for your pavement. Keep reading to learn more about these weather-related changes and how asphalt resurfacing in Middlesex County, MA can help you ward off the effects of Mother Nature!


  • Cold temperatures: Freezing cold temperatures in winter are the biggest threat to asphalt pavements across the country. Dropping temperatures cause your parking lot to contract and shrink, which creates tension that eventually leads to cracks. The lower the temperature drops, the worse the cracks in your asphalt are likely to get. You can fix this problem by having your driveway resurfaced once every few years.
  • Freezing water: We all know what happens to water once the temperature drops below 32 degrees: it freezes. That doesn’t just lead to snow and sleet; low temperatures cause the water under your pavement to freeze, too. Frozen water causes “frost heave,” wherein the pavement heaves. This might happen far below ground level, where it’s not noticeable to the naked eye. The only way to help prevent frost heave is to ensure your parking lot or driveway has proper drainage.


  • Melting snow: We all appreciate when the snow begins to melt each spring. But unfortunately, melted snow and ice can cause problems for your asphalt. When the ice below your asphalt melts, it saturates the soil. Saturated soil can lead to crumbling asphalt and divots in your driveway. These small divots let puddles form, which is a whole other problem that you don’t want to mess with.
  • Rain: April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring trouble for your asphalt. Water slowly deteriorates your asphalt as it flows across the surface of your pavement, as well as through cracks. While you can’t prevent it from happening, you can ensure water doesn’t cause too many problems by having your pavement resurfaced by our team of pros.


  • Sunshine: If you took a poll of people’s favorite seasons, it’s safe to assume that summer would be one of the most popular choices. Those bright and sunny summer afternoons are what many of us live for! But, if it could talk, your asphalt wouldn’t say the same thing. The sun’s harmful UV rays don’t just cause sunburns; they can actually make your asphalt more brittle and also slowly fade your black asphalt to a light gray.


  • Rain: After summer has come and gone, we usually start to see more rainfall once again. Just like in the spring, fall rains can deteriorate the pavement.
  • Colder temperatures: Much like the previous point, the fall can also bring the freezing temperatures that we’re used to seeing in the winter. Fall is the most common season for asphalt repair because it’s the ideal time to get your pavement ready to face the cold winters once again.

If nature has started to cause noticeable damage to your driveway or parking lot, it’s time to give Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving Inc. a call! Our team of experts has years of experience in asphalt resurfacing in Middlesex County, MA. We can get your driveway looking good as new in no time at all.

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