How to Avoid Damage from Plows to Your Asphalt Driveway

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Plowing your driveway is a quick and easy way to remove snow that definitely beats shoveling by hand. The downside to plowing, unfortunately, is that an untrained person using a plow can quickly lead to a damaged driveway. Plowing your driveway definitely comes with a learning curve, but there are multiple ways you can reduce your risk of damaged asphalt this winter!

Don’t Use A Metal Edge

Metal blade edges are notorious for damaging asphalt driveways. Instead, opt for a rubber edge. Rubber edges still remove snow effectively but won’t dig into your asphalt and cause damage.

Raise the Blade

A common beginners mistake is lowering the blade to the exact level of the pavement. The reality is that if a little bit of snow is left on the ground, that’s okay! Raise your blade up about a half an inch off the pavement to prevent damages to the asphalt. If your drive is uneven, you may need to raise it a little more to account for those irregularities. You can always go back over the pavement and shovel by hand if the remaining snow is bothering you, but a half an inch of snow won’t impede your ability to walk or drive.

Use a Snow Blower

It’s tempting to get the plow out every time is snows. As much fun as it can be, plowing for small snow amounts is more likely to lead to damaged asphalt. Invest in a snowblower that you can use on days when there’s some snow, but not enough for the plow. It’s still effective at removing the snow without all the labor of shoveling.

Mark Curbs and Edges

Use small flags to mark the edge of your driveway and the beginning of any curbs. Running into a curb with your plow is most likely going to cause damage, but a marker flag is a fool proof way to ensure even the most inexperienced person won’t miss the edge.

Contact Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving

If your asphalt has damages from plowing or just wear and tear over the years, Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving can help! Our team is experienced at repairing cracks, potholes, and other damages to asphalt. Contact us today to learn more about asphalt repair options and how you can utilize asphalt sealcoating to lower your risk of damages in the future! Caring for your driveway is a big job, so we’re here to help.

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