How Extensive Is the Asphalt Damage Caused by Oil?

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Your beautiful asphalt is no longer pristine. A giant, ugly oil spot now stains its surface. You wonder how much damage this causes, or if it’s simply an eyesore. Should you contact an asphalt contractor in Middlesex County, MA for repairs? Is this something you can repair yourself? Perhaps you can leave it alone and learn to live with the new, stained look.

All of these scenarios are potential options. The best solution depends on the extent of the damage the oil has caused to your asphalt. Keep in mind, all oil stains are damaging, even if only aesthetically. They can also cause additional harm to your asphalt.

Typically, oil stain damage occurs at one of three levels. Each requires a different response:

  1. Surface stain: Are your oil spots on the surface only? If they have stained but not penetrated the surface, you will not be able to sealcoat over the oil spots. If you try to sealcoat, the material will not adhere to the asphalt that is covered in oil. To properly repair your asphalt, you must clean up the oil. A common solution is to burn and scrape off the oil. Use a propane torch to heat up the surface, then scrape away the oil. Once the oil is removed, you can proceed with normal sealcoating to repair your asphalt.
  2. Surface damage: Has your oil spot caused surface damage to the top layer of asphalt? A good indicator is exposed paving or small depressions. To correct this issue, you can use the burn and scrape method as mentioned above, or some asphalt contractors in Middlesex County, MA may use an infrared heater to work on this type of surface damage.
  3. Extensive deterioration: Is your oil stain causing extensive damage to the asphalt? Is your pavement showing signs of softening? If so, it is recommended you repair it with one of two methods. First, you can remove the stained area of paving and replace it. Second, you can grind away the top 1.5 to 2 inches of material, clean the area and resurface it. This second option is more economical than removing and replacing the stained section.

Don’t Hesitate

Whether you notice a slight stain or extensive damage to your asphalt, don’t wait to make repairs. Untreated spots will continue to cause deterioration. This creates liability issues and results in greater expense down the line. If your asphalt has oil stains, contact your local asphalt contractor in Middlesex County, MA right away.

Consult with the Pros

Without the input of an expert, you might not be able to tell how much damage your oil stains have caused to your asphalt. To ensure you choose the best solution, contact a professional asphalt contractor in Middlesex County, MA. The technicians at Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving Inc. can inspect your surface and determine the appropriate course of action. Our highly-trained team is ready to answer any questions you have and get started on restoring your asphalt surface to like-new condition. Contact us today for better asphalt tomorrow.

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