How an Asphalt Parking Lot can Save you Time & Money

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As a business owner or property manager in need of a new parking lot, you know that like every other decision you make, there are several factors to considers: Price, quality, safety, etc. While an asphalt parking lot may seem like a big investment, it can actually save you money and time in the long run. Here’s how:

Quick Installation

Asphalt can be installed relatively quickly, causing minimal disruption to your business. Other parking lot options that may take longer to install means weeks of construction, and therefore loss of business for that time. Since asphalt also requires very little maintenance, you won’t have to worry about losing business everytime the parking lot needs repair.


Asphalt is one of the safest options you can choose. It provides a smoother ride (and walk) for your customers, which could also result in fewer liability claims on your property. It also offers skid resistance and reduced splash back in the rain. Your customers will also thank you for it being friendlier on their vehicles, and easier to find parking spots with distinct markings on the dark pavement.

Minimal Maintenance

Since asphalt requires very few repairs, you’ll also be saving in maintenance costs. The quality of asphalt makes it a durable, long-lasting choice that will hold up well in freezing and thawing cycles that occur in the winter. Your parking lot will just need regular seal coating to prevent potholes or cracks from forming.

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