Have Your Asphalt Sealcoated Before Winter

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If you own an asphalt driveway or parking lot, you’re probably familiar with the lengths you sometimes need to go to in order to protect it, extend its life and keep it safe to drive on. As winter fast approaches, so do the threats of ice and snow, which can cause a lot of damage to asphalt, particularly in cold climates that have longer winter seasons.

Sealcoating your asphalt driveway or parking lot is a great investment to extend the life of the asphalt by nearly 15 years. Plus, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. If you hire a sealcoating company in Middlesex County, MA, all the hard work will be done for you, and you get to reap the benefits for many winters to come! Here’s the how and why of getting your asphalt sealcoated before winter.

What is sealcoating?

Sealcoating asphalt is the process of applying a protective seal on top of your driveway or parking lot to protect it from the elements. The seal essentially acts as a barrier between the asphalt and any potential damaging elements like water, harsh weather, oil and sun.

You can apply a sealcoat yourself, but to get the best results, we recommend you hire a sealcoating company in Middlesex County, MA to apply one for you. The expertise a sealcoating company brings with them will ensure that your driveway or parking lot is adequately protected and your money is well spent.

Benefits of sealcoating

There are a number of general benefits to sealcoating asphalt, but these benefits are heightened around wintertime. Because snow and ice are extremely common during the winter months, your asphalt has a higher chance of becoming damaged. Sealcoating can help prevent that. Other benefits include:

  • Prevents water penetration: One of the major causes of asphalt damage and cracking is water entering the base layer. When winter brings heavy loads of snow and ice, water can seep through cracks and cause damage to the sub-grade. Even water resting on top can cause the asphalt to harden and become bitter, causing more cracks. Sealcoating acts as a barrier between water and the asphalt, protecting it from a lot of this damage.
  • Decreases thawing time: Because of the barrier sealcoating provides, snow and ice will not be able to maintain its cold grip on your asphalt and freeze the ground as easily, meaning it can thaw faster and cause fewer dangers in your parking lot or driveway.
  • Extends lifespan: Studies show that sealcoating asphalt can improve the lifespan of a driveway or parking lot by up to 15 years! To get the most out of your asphalt investment, you want it to last as long as possible, meaning regular maintenance and sealcoating are crucial to keeping your asphalt in good condition for many years.

If you decide that you want to sealcoat your asphalt driveway or parking lot before winter rolls around, call Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving Inc.! We are a highly experienced asphalt, paving and sealcoating company in Middlesex County, MA. With over 45 years of experience serving residential and commercial customers, our wide variety of asphalt and paving services are sure to meet your needs. Give us a call today!

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