Get Your Sealcoating Completed Before It Heats Up in the Summer!

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Summer is coming. That’s right—it’s time to retire the snow shovel and break out the grill. Maybe you’re thinking of having your driveway sealed as well. Sealcoating is a good idea to maintain your driveway and keep it looking great for years to come. This process is effective at covering up small cracks and ensuring that they don’t turn into large ones. This prevents water from seeping into the base of the driveway and eroding it.

If you are looking into hiring a sealcoating company in Middlesex County, MA, you’ll want to do so before the extremely hot temperatures set in. Let’s consider why this is the case:

  • Risks to workers: Without taking specific precautions, workers face serious dangers when sealcoating at higher temperatures. When the temperatures heat up, it’s critical for the crew to stay hydrated, use sunscreen and use eye protection. Temperatures over 100 degrees, especially, require crews to protect themselves.
  • Problems with flash drying: This occurs when the sealer dries almost instantly after application. You might think this is a good thing—that the job will get done faster—but the fact is that, if this happens, the sealer won’t penetrate the cracks in the asphalt and won’t adhere correctly. Filling those cracks is, of course, the whole point of sealcoating. It’s also likely to be more vulnerable to tracking and power steering marks due to a thin layer of moisture being trapped on the top of the sealcoat. There are ways to avoid this, such as applying a second coat or using a 50-50 sealer-water mixture, but these are more complicated and still don’t solve the problem completely.
  • Stickiness: So, the sealcoat is applied, then you walk across the parking lot or driveway and everything seems fine. Good to go, right? Well, not so fast. With summer comes high humidity that often leads to pop-up thu When the temperature and the dew point are within five degrees of each other, this can cause issues with the sealcoat not setting properly. This, in turn, leads to long-term problems with the surface being sticky.

When you consider all these reasons, it becomes clear that getting sealcoating done before those hot temperatures set in is the smartest move you can make. That way you can enjoy your driveway the whole summer while avoiding all these potential problems.

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