Five Things to Avoid After Asphalt Paving in Middlesex County, MA

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When you spend money on different aspects of home improvement, it is reasonable to expect for that investment to pay off for the foreseeable future. It is no different when it comes to new asphalt paving for your driveway in Middlesex County, MA, and if you can avoid some of these hazards, you will be able to make your driveway last:

  • Parking your car: Avoid all vehicle traffic on your new driveway for at least three days, as the asphalt will still be very soft, which could lead to the weight of your car causing depressions in the new pavement. When you do begin to park on your driveway, try not to park in the same spot every time. Distributing the wear and tear that this weight can cause even a little differently each time ensures that no dips will result from your new asphalt trying to support the weight while it is still in its most vulnerable state. Heavier vehicles like trucks, campers or boats should be avoided until your driveway has settled and cured completely and can sufficiently support this amount of weight, which will typically be a minimum of six to 12 months after the job was completed.
  • Driving your car: Try to avoid turning your steering wheel when your car is not in motion, or making abrupt stopping and starting movements. Actions such as these will result in power steering gashes as the tires’ movements grind on freshly laid asphalt that is more susceptible to dislodgment.
  • Cleaning fluids: Any spills or fluids such as oil, gasoline, windshield wiper fluid or any other common automotive liquids that your vehicle may leave behind when parked in your driveway should be cleaned up as soon as possible. While they may not cause major damage right away, should they be allowed to sit for long periods of time, they will soften the area underneath them, which could negatively affect the curing process and create problems down the line.
  • Sharp objects: Items such as chairs, ladders, bicycle kick stands and even high-heeled shoes can leave gouges on a brand new asphalt driveway, so it is best to keep all sharp objects off of your driveway until it has fully cured.
  • Watch the edges: Because the edges of your driveway lack the same support and base materials, they are weaker than other areas, and you will want to avoid driving off or around these areas to prevent cracking of the asphalt. You should also keep a close eye on any weeds or other types of unwanted vegetation growing near these edges, and make sure to remove them right away. If ignored, they can actually begin to grow up through the base and asphalt surface, aided by the heat from the blacktop that will help them grow even quicker.

Until your driveway has fully cured and can be sealed, avoiding these pitfalls will help keep your recent asphalt paving in Middlesex County, MA fresh, and help you to avoid any permanent damage that could be costly to repair. If you do find that your driveway needs maintenance or repair, call and schedule an appointment with Cooper Bros Asphalt Paving Inc. to help make ensure that your investment will last.

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