Asphalt Pulverizing Assists in the Process of Paving Resurfacing in Middlesex County, MA

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Asphalt pulverizing is the process of removing the existing surface from a road or lot and grinding that material to produce a new asphalt surface. It is another way asphalt is recycled and reused. Besides the obvious ecological advantages this offers paving resurfacing to Middlesex County, MA, there are other benefits as well. Here are five of them:

  • Recycles old surface: Asphalt pulverizing reuses the original road surface. If you paid extra for a good mix years ago, and only time has made it less sturdy, you will get to enjoy that surface again soon enough after pulverizing. There will be no guesswork on whether the new surface will be just as or more effective than the old one. You will get what you enjoyed before and receive those benefits better with a new and restored surface.
  • Reduces hauling and material costs: The nicest thing about pulverizing asphalt is that the materials are already there in the form of your old surface! Workers only have to bring trucks and equipment needed for pulverizing and paving. There is no need for hauling materials in or taking them out while the surface is being replaced. These costs can add up if there is a large amount of waste involved or you are resurfacing an especially long road or large parking lot. There is no doubt that the removal of the hauling and material needs makes a big difference in your budget.
  • Reduces disposal costs: Besides the fuel and labor costs involved in hauling waste, there are also disposal costs. When old material is taken to a landfill, there are fees, and those are passed on to you, the customer. With asphalt pulverizing, the disposal of materials is minimized. There may be some material that must be removed and disposed of, but that is not likely, and it is nowhere near the levels of waste produced in conventual paving. Like hauling and material costs, reduced disposal costs will also make a big difference.
  • Quicker project completion: With asphalt pulverizing, your project will likely conclude quicker. There is less truck and equipment traffic, for one thing, meaning fewer elements tripping over each other during the workday. Also, the whole process can be completed on site. There is no waiting for materials or the need to remove materials for processing. With the need to travel and manage many items at once, it is easier to complete paving quicker.
  • Conservation of natural resource: Reusing asphalt is considered necessary and laudable due to the demand for that resource. It assures that the demand generated by the millions of roadways and parking lots will always be met. Also, there is the reduced fuel and energy usage. Less hauling and more efficient processes benefit the planet, in addition to your pocketbook. If you pride yourself on being a sustainable company and good community citizen, conserving resources is a good strategy for standing behind those values.

To benefit from asphalt pulverizing next time you undertake paving resurfacing in Middlesex County, MA, contact Cooper Bros. Asphalt Paving Inc. today.

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