5 Tips to Maintain Your Asphalt Parking Lot

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As a business owner, maintaining company property during the winter can be quite a task, especially if you aren’t sure what needs to be done. A new parking lot can be inviting to customers as long as you take care of it properly. If this is one of those business-owner areas you’re unsure about, keep reading for more information about caring for your new asphalt parking lot.

Repair Immediately

The key to maintaining a new asphalt parking lot is to catch and fix issues as they appear, no matter how minor they seem. Common damage to asphalt, like tiny cracks or gouges, can quickly lead to more significant problems, like the dreaded pothole. This is because water is allowed to get into the asphalt, causing it to move and swell. Over time, you’ll encounter holes, hills, and larger cracks.

One way to tackle this is to have a set once-a-year repair session to fill in any cracks or gaps you notice. If they are small and spare, you might be able to do this yourself, but for more extensive repairs, an asphalt company may need to be called in.

Seal Regularly

Once an asphalt parking lot is laid, that’s not the end of the process. The asphalt still needs a sealcoat that will protect the surface and fill in any small holes or cracks. Generally, a sealcoat will be a mixture of tar, emulsifiers, and additives. A new coat will give the lot a boost in appearance as it darkens and conceals flaws.

Ideally, you should plan to have your new asphalt parking lot sealcoated within the first year of installation. After that, the sealcoat must be reapplied every two or three years unless recommended more often by your asphalt installers. Keeping up with the sealcoat schedule will help prevent future damage.

Clean Often

Oil drips are the bane of every asphalt driveway. If left to pool, motor oil can eat through the asphalt and result in unsightly stains and holes. Just as you should have a regular sealing schedule, you should also make sure to do a deep clean of the parking lot at regular intervals. Be cautious: many heavy cleaning chemicals can also damage asphalt. If in doubt, consult with your asphalt company for cleaning advice.

Watch the Landscaping

Unruly landscaping can quickly become an issue for a new asphalt driveway. If there are large trees near the lot’s border, the asphalt may experience bumping or lifting as the roots spread. To combat this, root barriers may be installed to guide the tree roots in another direction. Alternatively, trees may be removed and replaced with shrubs that have smaller root systems.

Pay particular attention during the fall and take care to remove leaves and branches as soon as possible. Any moisture trapped under the leaves and leach into the asphalt and freeze during winter, leading to unsightly swelling and bumps in the parking lot.

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