5 Things That Can Damage Asphalt

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Asphalt is the best material to pave roadways, driveways, and garages. Although asphalt pavement is a long lasting, flexible, and strong material, it can become damaged if it is frequently exposed to certain harmful conditions.

You should treat the damage immediately after you notice the first signs. If it is not treated properly, in a timely manner, your asphalt driveway will deteriorate until it needs to be completely replaced.

Here are the five most common enemies of asphalt pavement and how you can tackle them:

1. Water

Whether it is rain, melting snow and ice, or even the homeowners washing their car, water can easily wear down your driveway. If you have cracks in your pavement and allow water to seep into those cracks, the base course of your pavement will be damaged because it will be washing away the sand and gravel base. This results in the top surface layer becoming distorted, leading to cracks. Asphalt dries hard but loses flexibility over time. Even a small crack can ruin your driveway.

Once the structure has been damaged, repaving is the only solution to fix the issue permanently.

2. Oxidation

Freshly paved asphalt has a black charcoal color and flexes under traffic loads. Oxidation occurs when the asphalt is exposed to oxygen and hardens and becomes gray. This causes your driveway to become less flexible, making it more prone to cracks. This is even more prevalent when it is combined with heavy loads.

3. Heavy Loads

As a consequence of the constant function of trucks and vehicles on asphalt pavements, the wheel paths begin to deteriorate and rut. This damage is more prevalent in driveways where heavy duty trucks frequent more often. This affects the viability and functionality. Garbage and delivery trucks put a lot of weight on your asphalt and can cause it to start to oxidize and crack under the heavy loads. Small imperfections in the asphalt driveway are magnified by force. The construction material loses its form when it is under this substantial weight. Eventually, it will break apart and settle unevenly, creating an unstable driveway with cracks and potholes.

4. Oil

Do not park cars that leak oil on your driveway. Oil stains, especially from parked cars, will eat through and degrade your asphalt. If you clean the oil spills quickly, it is not likely to cause any damage. However, if the oil has soaked into the surface of the driveway, it will break it down slowly. If the oil stains are not addressed quickly, it will become saturated into the asphalt and will be very hard, and costly, to repair.

5. Tree Roots

Even though trees bring beautification to your home and landscape, if the trees are too close to your asphalt driveway the roots can destroy it from underneath. Cracks and bumps appear beneath asphalt surfaces as a result of trees trying to grow and find a water source. The roots of the trees will push against your driveway’s foundation as they grow, forcing the asphalt to give way. To prevent this, always keep your landscaping in check.

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